Network Security Taskmanager

Network Security Taskmanager

Network Security Task Manager helps to detect industrial espionage and sabotage
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Network Security Task Manager is very useful and powerful tool in providing Network security to the computers over a network. Network Security Task Manager shows you all active processes on the computers in your network. It detects all types of malware that other security software fail to recognize thus saving your computer. The software features a unique and effective security risk rating which indicates the probability of a particular process to be a spyware, malware, Trojan, dialer or virus. The rating depends upon the behavior of the program and the potential dangers. The sum of the points then gives the overall ranking (from 0 to a maximum of 100 points). This security risk rating also depends on the code analysis of the software. Furthermore, the Network Security Task Manager provides you useful information about the software such as process description, manufacturer, computers on which the process runs on, embedded hidden functions and many more. The software is compatible with common windows versions such as Windows Vista, XP Professional, 2000 and 2003. The Management Console component of the software manages all monitored computers. The administrator can consequently scan computers, make schedules and view reports.

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